And there is still more, some popular and some early seminal punk.  We begin with Don Henley’s Dirty Laundry. As always, if you find or write any worthy of consideration, send them my way, and we may get to a few more additions and editions of these.… Read More

These songs scream propaganda to me and I have been fascinated by them for many years.  I am sure there are others.  If you encounter others, please send them my way. My friend, Ian Sklar, gave me something to ponder when he wrote, “Made me wonder whether the songs were meant to influence the listener… Read More

Organization of Primary Ideas (adapted from Lila by Robert Pirsig) in Evolutionary Order: Piles of Notes Slips of paper with Ideas Topics into Larger Sections Sections into Chapters Chapters into Parts Developed from the Quality of Ideas: JUNK – Absolutely immaterial to the subject at the moment but kept for a future time in the event… Read More