Organization of Primary Ideas (adapted from Lila by Robert Pirsig) in Evolutionary Order:

  1. Piles of Notes
  2. Slips of paper with Ideas
  3. Topics into Larger Sections
  4. Sections into Chapters
  5. Chapters into Parts

Developed from the Quality of Ideas:

  1. JUNK – Absolutely immaterial to the subject at the moment but kept for a future time in the event that a connection to the subject can be made later.
  2. TOUGH – Difficult to incorporate into PROGRAM by any easy means but certainly material to the subject and awaiting a time to link to it as an example or a related and specific topic.
  3. PROGRAM – Organizing the slips into a more logical system and incorporating the JUNK and TOUGH slips into larger topics and sections, when possible, to be used later.