Understanding Health, Community, and Community Health How health, community, and community health are examined, utilized, and defined depend upon the representatives of the community involved. All are key, all are vital, and all are based upon the perspective of key individuals and groups. A politician will obviously differ from a health care provider, a social… Read More

Being born the curious type, from the beginning, I have questioned everything much to the chagrin of many around me.  At this point, nothing has changed but an increased ability to apply critical thinking, though “Why” has been a key and hard question from the beginning. Analyzing assumptions are both critical to understanding biases and… Read More

(Below are three responses to my previous essay.  My responses are in italics.) N.’s Response: Michael, I just read your paper with great interest.  You make a number of important points.  However, you say repeatedly that not every group needs to follow all of the 10 steps [required according to IndividualEvolution.org] to be successful.  However,… Read More

While on one level the entire continuum of experiencing body suspension immediately incorporates IndividualEvolution.org’s (IE) heart, head, and hand, the wholeness of it also profoundly and radically transcends individual evolution and becomes an individual revolution, as I like to call it.  It incorporates IE’s scientific method of inquiry, reaches beyond its body, mind, and spirit,… Read More

Josephine Pitti Kelsay is my grandmother.   Her presence looms larger in my life than any other.  She still remains as strong an influence as she ever was, guiding my better judgement in learning, desires, and even dreams.  Her memories, her laughter, her offbeat and lucid political commentary, and the cleanest dirty jokes you have ever… Read More

This site is many things for me.  It is a sketch pad for doodles, for fleshing out article ideas, and for suggestions from friends, like this one below.  “Yes I watched TV more in those days. In fact there is a channel here that features a lot of the best shows of the 60s and… Read More

At the point I wrote this passage, I was convinced that the subject of propaganda was one which I might be unable to introduce to my academic general public.  While I believe that academia is better suited to accept the word on its own terms, I still observe more than subtle indications that the word… Read More