Relevant Experience:

Executive Director. June 2001 – Present. Manage website, supervise, mentor creative, marketing, and business staffs, produce podcasts, write reviews, blogs, and manuals. Supervise recruitment, technology, and job training, plan meetings, travel calendars, and attend conferences to network with industry associates.  Research and develop basic SEO techniques to deliver content to 2500+ e-list, and social networks.  Create, update cross-referenced database of 4500+ local, international artists’ releases with detailed genre and track listing information.  Key Responsibilities:

  • Recruit contributing show producers, review writers, and staff and supervise, instruct and collaborate with a diverse staff of each in the selection, reviewing, formatting, hosting and production of internet radio programing utilizing a variety of methods and software.
  • Design broad syllabus to facilitate creative participation of contributors and interns, and tutor several within diverse areas of the United States and as far away as Argentina and Australia via Skype and phone in audio and video production techniques utilizing a variety of recording tools and software programs.
  • Delegate responsibilities to interns and contributors as they begin to make decisions on their own while making their own unique contributions.
  • Develop basic, but effective SEO techniques promoting independent artists and music to the public through social networks and word-of-mouth marketing of 1400+ international music fans at it’s most popular.
  • Create and regularly update cross-referenced database of 3500+ local and international artists’ musical releases with detailed genre and track listing information.

Farm Assistant. Full Life Community Farm ( January – September 2014. Involved in all aspects of farm from animal chores (except animal slaughter), plant bed work, sales at the local farmer’s market, and building modified cob home, other incidental farm buildings depending upon needs and season. Work closely with farmers, Wwoofers, and on independently assigned tasks.  Key Responsibilities:

  • Field work: seed, transplant, trellis, weed, thin, harvest plant beds.
  • Greenhouse: seed, transplant, water, trellis.
  • Food Preparation: Cold-pack fermentation of fresh vegetables, fruits, and sourdough bread baking.
  • Wash Station: wash, sort, prep eggs, plant bed yields for farmer’s market.
  • Animal care: Clean manure from chicken coup, feed, water chickens.

Mentor/Teach. Multiple Companies. 1986 – 2017. Self-directed teacher/mentor in a variety of sales, classroom, campaign, and A/V production situations where staff and students have required instruction and guidance to become more self-sufficient in their studies and careers.  Track record of successfully tutoring and mentoring interns, employees, and co-workers, virtually and on-site, where results have been essential and must be measured immediately.  Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage high-volume sales calls in deadline, results-driven atmosphere while creating conversational scripts to build rapport and capture attention and mentored, engaged co-workers in best practices for success, including Internet and phone-based research techniques.
  • Mentor small groups of co-workers, employees having difficulty transitioning into new and different inside sales roles, teach each group to develop and improve scripts to reflect a more conversational style and tutor individuals and groups needing additional guidance in personal or company sales policies and techniques.
  • Instruct video production students during studio lab with hands-on video and audio production instruction that later became staff and crew of sports-themed television talk show production.
  • Supervise, instruct diverse staff of 10 production management interns and assistants on low-budget independent feature film and trained and mentor select interns and assistants moved into necessary roles.

Founder/Operations Director. (no longer in operation).  April 2010 – February 2012.  Brainstormed idea with web developer and imagined from a wish to create a meta-search engine for lowest-priced music. Information, Research, and Auction searches were added shortly thereafter.  Once an easy-to-use interface was created, several additional meta-search engines were developed and released.  Key Accomplishments:

  • Supervise staff as they research, test, and add pertinent websites to meta-search sites for music, shopping, tobacco products, event tickets, books, and others.
  • Develop basic, but effective SEO techniques promoting searches through several social networks until advanced SEO is developed.
  • Regularly test each search engine for proper functionality and survey potential search additions.
  • Assess elements of business development through industry news, Internet research, and consultation with technology staff to develop additional meta-search sites.

Television Photojournalist.  WSAV ( and WJCL (, Savannah, GA. 1995-1997. Freelance Videographer, New York City. 1997-2000. Field and Studio Camera and Lighting Grip. KLRU (,  Austin, TX. 2005 – 2006.  Interview subjects, shoot, edit spot news, video essays utilizing raw footage, music.  Collaborate with reporters, producers, news directors to deliver compelling news stories.  Consult key personnel, arrange lights, camera, minor design.  Formats used include MII, BetaSP, DV.  Key Accomplishments:

  • Collaborate with key personnel to create unique video essays for KLRU’s Central TX Gardener, Austin Now, TX Monthly Talks, Special Session.
  • Work 12+ hour days to contribute to WSAV’s successful coverage of chemical fire at Powell-Dufferin plant in March 1995, one month before the Oklahoma City bombing.
  • Create WSAV’s two-point lighting design for newsroom, live shots in January 1996.
  • Maintain high-quality standards through breaking news with instantaneous camera, light setups, strikes.
  • Create independent video essays narrated with source music, voice-over interviews.
  • Tutor television news production interns via observation and hands-on experience during daily news operations over several weeks.

Assessment/Research and Information Referral Specialist. Red Cross September 11th Recovery Program(Program closed 2007). New York City.  January 2002 – December 2004. Examine walk-in and telephone clients affected by the Disaster at the World Trade Center and provide referrals based upon program guidelines and immediate and long-term needs. Scrutinize documentation against each client’s eligibility criteria and recommend financial assistance on a case-by-case basis. Probe potential fraud cases and dig into business and hospital records to analyze claims and documentation. Key Accomplishments:

  • Daily assist 15-20 walk-in clients out of a waiting pool of 500+ as a member of a service center staff of 50+ employees and volunteers.
  • Provide referrals to 1000+ clients and distributed over $50,000 in aid.
  • Create and maintained Red Cross Internet resource database of 165+ subject, subtopic areas utilizing Internet and phone-based research techniques and developed research guide to engage call center and staff of 100+ caseworkers in best practices to access.
  • Save Program over $100,000 in possible losses through investigative background checks of potential fraud clients, return clients attempting a “duplication of benefits.”

Freelance Consultant/Music Supervisor/Publicist. January 2000 – December 2004.  New York City, NY. Consult with film directors for appropriate music and artists for film projects.  Research and verify ownership of musical and non-musical written works.  Conduct publicity campaigns for small tours and follow up with local and regional media for airplay and coverage.  Write artist bios and features. Key Accomplishments:

  • Consult appropriate database to select music based upon each project’s needs and requirements.
  • Prepare and negotiate artist contracts for ‘The Message,’ Roy Nowlin Jr’s short film project and “A Second Chance: The Songs of Ted Shen,” Ted Shen’s musical project.
  • Conduct local publicity campaigns for composer Peter Dizozza’s solo shows and musical plays
  • Publicist for Joie/Dead Blonde Girlfriend’s (January 1999 – December 2000) solo shows and Raven Open Stage (January 2000 – December 2001), and Just About To Burn’s tour of the Southeast United States in July 2004.
  • Research and evaluate artists and write bios, features, and/or press releases (1999-2004) for Peter Dizozza, Joie/Dead Blonde Girlfriend, Diane Cluck, and others.

Film Production Manager and Film Production Coordinator. Final Round, Hold the Door, and Six Chicks in a Kitchen (New York City independent film projects). January – December 1997. Assess appropriate crews, equipment, vehicles, and meals based upon production needs, previous vendor and crew relationships, and budgetary requirements.  Consult senior production staff and evaluate daily production and financial needs.  Supervise production staff and assistants of 20+ and oversee daily production activities. Key Accomplishments:

  • Utilize budget worksheets to keep daily expenses under $300.00 for last minute needs and emergencies.
  • Canvass local vendors for quality and cost comparisons to keep crews happy, productive and projects under budget.
  • Supervise, instructed diverse staff of 10 production management interns and assistants on low-budget independent feature film and trained, mentored select interns and assistants who were moved into necessary roles.

Deputy Field Director. John Lazar For Assembly Primary Campaign (Turlock, CA). October  – December 1989. Supervise 25 – 50 local political volunteers, assessing and overseeing activities, scripts for phone banks and direct promotional and marketing propaganda designed to assure maximum communication effectiveness throughout and up to election day activities and to promote John Lazar as the best choice to represent local assembly district citizens in Sacramento, CA.  Key Accomplishments:

  • Supervise volunteers during office mailing preparation to assure timely delivery prior to the election.
  • Direct volunteers during fieldwork activity to assure best communication approaches to residents throughout each door-to-door canvassing campaign.
  • Lead volunteers during phone canvassing campaigns to assure maximum effectiveness throughout get-out-the-vote activities, election day and night prior and during the election.

Producer/Director/Lab Teaching Assistant. San Diego State University. September 1985 – May 1989. Mentor and instruct video production students during studio lab with hands-on video and audio production instruction that later became staff and crew of sports-themed television talk show production. Key Accomplishments:

  • •Instruct 10-25 students as lab teaching assistant, studio field director, and producer.
  • Taught students effective and creative use of video cameras, switchers, audio production boards, and video editing equipment.
  • As students showed independence, enthusiasm, and improvement, they were individually and collectively mentored and tutored through increased responsibility and creative control in a deadline-driven environment.

Education (Selected Courses Attended):

Attended Classes in Journalism, Speech Communications. Modesto Junior College, Modesto, CA. September 1982 – May 1985.

  • ENGL 101 Composition and Reading
  • ENGL 102 Advanced Composition and Introduction to Literature
  • JRNAL 100 Newswriting
  • JRNAL 105 Advanced Newswriting
  • JRNAL 120 Newspaper Lab
  • PSYCH 130 Personal Psychology
  • RA-TV 131 Radio Studio Operations
  • RA-TV 132 Radio Production
  • SPCH 100 Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • SPCH 104 Argumentation
  • SPCH 105 Forensics-Speech Workshop (Speech Team)
  • SPCH 107 Debate Theory (Debate Team)
  • SPCH 108 Advanced Debate (Debate Team)

B.A. Film and Television Production, Minor Political Science. San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, September 1985 – May 1989.

  • ENG 280 Introduction to Creative Writing
  • ENGL 581W The Writing of Fiction
  • JOUR 460 Principles of Advertising
  • JOUR 480 Principles of Public Relations
  • TCF 110 Telecommunications and Film Writing
  • TCF 120 Staging and Art of Television and Film
  • TCF 121 Audio Production
  • TCF 122 Still and Motion Picture Photography
  • TCF 123 Video Production
  • TCF 160 Cinema as Art and Communication
  • TCF 280 Television Producing and Directing
  • TCF 315 Theory and Criticism of Broadcast Television and Film
  • TCF 505 Government and Broadcasting
  • TCF 510 Script Writing for Broadcasting and Film
  • TCF 562 Documentary & Propaganda Film and Television
  • TCF 580 Advanced Television Producing and Directing

Attended Classes in Sociology, Psychology. University of West Georgia, Carrollton, Georgia.  August 2012 – May 2014.

  • PSYC 5085A Feminist Psychology
  • PSYC 5085A Masculinities in Film
  • PSYC 6785A Approaches to Community
  • PSYC 6881A Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
  • SOCI 6015A Managing Data (Advanced Statistics)
  • SOCI 6286 Internship in Permaculture and Small-Scale Farming Sustainability
  • SOCI 6305A Critical Social Analysis
  • SOCI 6613A Qualitative Research Approaches To Sociology
  • SOCI 6623A Inequality in Society
  • SOCI 6803A Seminar in Social Psychology

M.A. Transformative Social Change (Psychology) Saybrook University. San Francisco, CA. August 2016 – 2019 (Graduated).

  • PSY1500A Foundations and Critique of Contemporary Psychology Part I
  • RES1025 Understanding Research
  • TSC6505 Healthy Communities
  • TSC6400 Ethics for Transformative Social Change
  • TSC6510 Theory and Practice of Nonviolence
  • TSC6610 01 Social System Transformation Theory
  • TSC6615 01 Overview of Transformative Social Change Interventions

Personal Expertise:

Communication Skills: Proficient to expert, gained through my experience writing college newspaper articles, research papers, writing and performing speeches and debating during formal classes at Modesto Junior College, writing short stories, scripts, designing advertising and public relations campaigns during formal classes at San Diego State University, producing, hosting, and interviewing musical guests for internet radio programming, through my experience as an inside sales business development manager, and speaking  and attending academic conferences.

Organizational and Management Skills: Gained through experience as a video and audio production lab assistant and studio and field director and producer supervising 10-25 students per class at San Diego State University, assistant field director of a primary election campaign managing 25-50 volunteers, executive director of managing and instructing two business consultants, a web designer, a show host staff of five (including one intern), and a writing staff of five, the founder and operating director of (now defunct) directing creative, organizational, and launch staff, and film production manager and coordinator leading a production staff and assistants of 20+ and oversee daily production activities on two independent film features and a cable television series pilot.

Research Skills: Gained through actively searching and researching primary and secondary sources for research papers in English grammar and social science classes, research and organizational skills instructional throughout primary and secondary school, undergraduate work composing creative works and research papers in literature, history, social sciences, journalism, speech communications, film studies, and political science, independent research in social anthropology and social psychology as it relates to propaganda, and recent graduate work in qualitative research within sociology, social, feminist, and community psychology, sustainability, and permaculture.

Interview Skills: Gained assessing and interviewing clients affected by personal and national disaster to determine business needs, and new and established musical and other artists using a conversational style to explore musical memories, influences, and current projects.

Audio-Visual and Lighting Skills: Gained through my experience as a television photojournalist and field and studio camera operator and grip lighting, shooting, and editing news stories and longer features for air in local television markets,

Sales and Promotion Skills:  Gained as a research field ethnographer engaged in qualitative and quantitative market research surveying respondents for their opinions, and as a business development advisor, senior business advisor, and telemarketing sales analyst actively contacting potential and current clients to determine the needs of their companies in the business verticals of translation services, computer software and hardware, software as a service (SaaS), business mergers and acquisitions exit strategy preparation, and business broadband services.

Computer Skills: Proficient command of Microsoft Office tools, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Windows 7 OS, Macintosh OS X, Logic Pro audio editing software, fair command of NVivo qualitative, and SPSS quantitative research software, and excellent command of the research and operational capabilities of the Internet. Hands-on software adaptation and use (Mac, PC, Web).

Teaching/Mentoring Skills: Mentoring: Gained through experience a video and audio production lab assistant, field and studio producer and director instructing students during the production of a weekly sports talk cable television show and as a film production manager and coordinator of 10+ production assistants, guiding them to the areas of production they had a prior interest in and were needed most, assessing their skills, and teaching them how to handle the responsibilities of their new roles.

Conferences Attended:

  • Perazzetti, M. P. (2014, April) Unintentional Sexism: The influence of language upon media propaganda, individuals, and small groups. Paper presented at University of West Georgia’s SPARC (Student Psychology Annual Research Conference), Carrollton, GA.
  • Perazzetti, M. P. (2013, January) Perception and propaganda within Erving Goffman’s face-to-face interactions. Paper presented at Georgia State University’s New Voices Conference, Atlanta, GA.
  • Perazzetti, M. P. (2013, October) The influence of intentional and unintentional propaganda in small groups. Paper presented at the Midsouth Sociological Association Conference, Atlanta, GA.


  • Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society (2013)
  • Rromani (G***y) Lore Society (2009 – Present)

Academic Interests:

Propaganda, feminism, Rromani studies (more to be added later).

Community Interests:

Community empowerment via arts and music initiatives, action research empowering women and girls (more to be added later).