This site is many things for me.  It is a sketch pad for doodles, for fleshing out article ideas, and for suggestions from friends, like this one below. 

“Yes I watched TV more in those days. In fact there is a channel here that features a lot of the best shows of the 60s and 70s including the Twilight Zone and I am amazed by how well the best of those episodes still stand up- wonderful imagination, writing and acting. And the proof of the genius of the work is that we do still remember the best of these shows decades after they were first telecast.

It would make a good Sociological study, how as the media got progressively taken over by corporate interests, it stifled conversation on all but the most trivial topics. Even a show like All in the Family would not be acceptable on many TV stations today.

I think the first thing to do would be to examine what has been done in the past on this subject. That would help you focus in on an aspect that has not been examined or one that may have been examined but is due for updating, with the option of doing a historical analysis, and possibly even some projections into the future.”

Frank Levin