Kretzmann & McKnight (1993) have codified, more or less what I have done to research necessary information, be it looking for research materials for a report, digging up an obscure musical recording, and especially resources to help individuals with personal or health crises.  Here it is codified neatly into one compact place, this time with a logical procedure to connect with and to local groups and associations.

While a handbook like this can only be limited in its scope when including local organizations (in the Chicago and Wisconsin area in this case), it is remarkably expansive in its approach to the outlines and suggestions included throughout to get things done and how to find and meet with local groups as well as connecting with individuals to determine what groups they belong to and what they do.

Further, what is remarkable in such a resource is the appendix that includes resources to research local organizations, a sample letter of introduction, as well as association maps, follow up lists, and Calendars of local meetings.  Like the previous section exploring the skill sets of individuals, there is a map that explores local resources in the community (Day Care, Radio Station), how best to utilize them to utilize those organizations and individuals that interact with the larger community, as well as example plans that demonstrate how to approach and utilize several local cultural institutions, including religious institutions and cultural organizations.



Kretzmann, J. P., & McKnight, J. L. (1993). Building communities from the inside out. Chicago, IL: ACTA Publications. (pp. 109-170)